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Ease the cost of child care

2.4.4 Child Care_iStock_000003993764XSmall_265 x 165This benefit allows you to potentially save on the costs of child care supplied by an in-house child care provider. Currently Lady Ramsay Child Care is the only centre which meets the criteria for an in-house child care facility. For this benefit RemServ will make regular payment for your child care costs directly to Lady Ramsey Child Care Centre.  These payments will not be eligible to include for the Australian Government Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Tax Rebate (CCTR). 

The Lady Ramsay Child Care Centre may adjust their fees from time to time.  If this occurs we will manage the change in fees for you to ensure you continue to pay the right amount. 

Note: Salary packaging child care fees may affect your entitlement to government benefits as salary packaging can affect the gross value of your salary. We recommend you seek independent financial advice to determine if salary packaging is right for you.

How do I claim?

To set up payment for this benefit, during the application process you will need to complete the Lady Ramsay Child Care Fees Direct Payment Request FormYou will also need to advise Lady Ramsay that you wish to access the FBT exempt benefit by direct invoicing to us. 

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