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Get financial advice and salary package the fees

2.4.6 Financial Advice _iStock_000015703029XSmall_265 x 165This benefit allows you to potentially save on financial counselling fees and the cost of reviewing or changing existing investment strategies or direction. Under this benefit you are unable to package the cost of seeking advice on establishing an investment strategy. If your investments are in joint names only the proportion of costs as they relate to your share of the investment are eligible. 

Payments can be made directly to your adviser or as a reimbursement back to you.  You can set up a once off payment or regular payments depending on how you use these services.

How do I claim?

You can claim online through your RemServ online account or the Claims app.

  • a copy of a valid tax invoice
  • proof of payment when claiming reimbursement (e.g. bank/credit card statement, copy of provider’s direct debit confirmation, payment receipt).  
  • submit a signed financial adviser fees declaration.

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