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You could pay less interest - and own your home sooner


This benefit allows you to potentially save on the cost of the principal mortgage payments and the cost of the interest payments.  To take advantage of this benefit you must be the owner-occupier of your primary place of residence, it cannot be an investment property. The mortgage must be through a financial institution, registered financial corporation, approved first home owner grant processing entity, or the Queensland Government via the Department of Housing and Public Works.  The use of facilities such as lines of credit secured against your mortgage, offset accounts are not able to be packaged. Payments can be made one off or regular and maybe made directly to your financial institution or as a reimbursement back to you.

How do I claim?

If you set up this benefit for RemServ to make regular direct payments to either your financial institution or yourself, this will happen automatically on-going.  If you set-up a one-off payment, you will be required to submit a claim for this benefit each time.

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