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Salary packaging could be simpler than you think

Salary packaging sounds confusing, but really it’s about helping you get the most from your pay.

How salary packaging works

Normally tax is taken from your salary before you spend it.  You then pay all your bills and living expenses and, if you’re lucky, you’ve got some left over to use how you want. 

With a RemServ salary package account, your employer still pays you the same wage, but we help you stretch it further. So instead of paying for those bills and expenses after you’re taxed, we can help you pay for some before.

This means your total taxable income could be lower, you may pay less tax, ending up with more spending money. Win win.

A quick salary packaging example

Two people earning the same income could end up taking home very different amounts. All thanks to salary packaging.

Without salary packaging

with salary packaging

How RemServ salary packaging works at every pay cycle

Each pay cycle, your employer will:

  • deposit your pre-tax contribution into your RemServ salary packaging account (we set that up for you)
  • deduct tax from your remaining income
  • deposit the balance into your personal bank account - as usual.


Is it too good to be true?

Hundreds of thousands of Australians benefit from salary packaging every year. Salary packaging has been permitted by the Australian Taxation Office ...

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